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The Barnacle Plus is here
and already creating a BUZZ!
Revolutionizing Portable Speaker Industry
The Barnacle Plus was created with a true aquatic purpose to allow people to bring 'more music, more places'. Featuring simple, compact and durable designs, Speaqua's Barnacle Plus is designed to withstand the ocean's high pressure and turbulent environment, while serving as a unique, trendy and very affordable accessory
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NEW Series 6 
Our new blade hits the
water for the first time 

 Shaft Deflection and Recoil
Shaft DeflectionShaft FexGeneral Guide
12mm A good all round performance shaft for all forms of paddling, with a good balance of pull flex,
with high recoil at the back of your stroke
8mmThe same properties as the 12mm, just slightly stiffer
2mmA very stiff shaft with little pull flex and recoil at the back of your stroke, Hard on arms and shoulders.
PP-250 "Round"
The PP-250 shaft is the best choice for paddlers starting out in the surf.

MaterialCarbon Uni/Uni Glass/Epoxy Resin
Flex 12mm Deflection
Weight250 grams
Surf Racing
Pro'sA thicker wall to give more
 impact resistance
Con'sSlightly heavier
PP-220 "Round" ( Recommended )
The PP-220 shaft is our most widely use shaft
The shaft was developed for Clint Robinson and is used in every paddle we make for him 
PP220 Shaft Dia
MaterialCarbon Uni/Uni Glass/Epoxy Resin
Flex8mm or 12mm Deflection
Weight220 grams
UsesGeneral to Experienced
Surf - Kayak - Open Ocean Racing
Pro'sThis shaft is ideal for any type of
paddling and is standard in our models
Con'sLess impact resistance than the
PP-250 Shaft
PP-200 "Round"
The PP-200 Shaft was developed for Ken Wallace
We use this shaft in all his surf paddles we make for him  
PP200 Shaft
MaterialCarbon Mat/Uni Carbon/Epoxy Resin
Flex2mm Defection
Weight200 grams
Surf - Kayak
Pro'sThis shaft is only recommended
for the most experienced paddlers
as it is a very stiff shaft
Con'sVery hard on arms and joints
High Impact Resistance
PP-190 and PP-140 "Round"
 The PP-190 is our newest shaft we have been working on.
PP190 Shaft
MaterialTex/Carbon Mat/Uni Glass/Epoxy Resin
Flex8mm or 12mm Defection
Weight190 grams or 140 grams
190 grams - Kayak , Open Ocean
140 grams - Kayak , Open Ocean
Pro'sThis shaft is ideal for any type of paddling.
 Light weight and silver colour
Con'sLess impact resistance than both the
 PP-250 and PP-220 Shaft