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The Barnacle Plus is here
and already creating a BUZZ!
Revolutionizing Portable Speaker Industry
The Barnacle Plus was created with a true aquatic purpose to allow people to bring 'more music, more places'. Featuring simple, compact and durable designs, Speaqua's Barnacle Plus is designed to withstand the ocean's high pressure and turbulent environment, while serving as a unique, trendy and very affordable accessory
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NEW Series 6 
Our new blade hits the
water for the first time 

"Setting up your Hands"
This is an example of how to setup your hand positions.
# 1 - Take the overall length of the paddle and divide it into 3 equal parts
# 2 - Then put a mark 60mm out and 50mm in on both sides
# 3 - You can wrap some electrical tape around the shaft to mark positions.
This will give you a starting point to work out the best position for you
"Setting up a Locator"
This is an example of how to set up a hand locator.
As many people set these differently, this is a good starting point and the standard we use.
# 1 - Set locator onto back side of the shaft and hold into place with a bit of tape
# 2 - Hold shaft and look down the centre of the blade
# 3 - Move the locator so it is 2 to 3mm of centre towards the bottom edge
# 4 - Now tape it on with electrical tape and reset your hand positions