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The Barnacle Plus is here
and already creating a BUZZ!
Revolutionizing Portable Speaker Industry
The Barnacle Plus was created with a true aquatic purpose to allow people to bring 'more music, more places'. Featuring simple, compact and durable designs, Speaqua's Barnacle Plus is designed to withstand the ocean's high pressure and turbulent environment, while serving as a unique, trendy and very affordable accessory
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NEW Series 6 
Our new blade hits the
water for the first time 

Joiner Systems   
"New" Aluminium - Lever Lock
The joiner system is made from aluminiun and has been anodized to help oxidation due to salt water.
It is very important to wash the joiner out with fresh water and pull apart after each use.
The system has the best holding strength over polycarbonate.
 MaterialSingle Point Lever Lock  
Ferrnal100% Carbon
Adjustment10cm Length
Angles85 to 55 Dec
Hard Polycarbonate - Lever Lock { Type 1 }
The joiner system is made from Polycarbonate and is ideal for use in salt water.
as it will not oxidize and has less maintenance to keep in good working order
The holding strength is not as good as the aluminium one 
Polycarbonate Joiner Type  Single Point Lever Lock  
Ferrnal100% Carbon
Adjustment10cm Length
Angles85 to 55 Dec
Soft Polycarbonate - Lever Lock { Type 2 }
The joiner system is the newest model we have been testing in all Clint's paddles.
The holding strength is better than both the aluminium and polycarbonate (Type 1) systems with less maintenance.
The knuckle is a little bigger than both other types and has only one preset angle mark.
This can be set to any angle you wish though standard in 65' Deg
Type 2 Polycarbonate Type  4 Point Lever Lock        
Ferrnal100% Carbon
Adjustment10cm Length
AnglesCustom Set