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The wait is over ...
The Barnacle Plus is here
and already creating a BUZZ!
Revolutionizing Portable Speaker Industry
The Barnacle Plus was created with a true aquatic purpose to allow people to bring 'more music, more places'. Featuring simple, compact and durable designs, Speaqua's Barnacle Plus is designed to withstand the ocean's high pressure and turbulent environment, while serving as a unique, trendy and very affordable accessory
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NEW Series 6 
Our new blade hits the
water for the first time 

Performance Paddles Established in 1996
Our mission is a simple one,
 To make fully customized paddles for each of our customers.
A custom paddle is not something you can walk into a shop and buy of the shelf,
They are hand crafted to suit your individual needs using the highest quality raw materials
With 21 + years of knowledge working with Australian and World Elite paddler's,
 Our advise can not come from a shop assistant who's main goal is to sell you something
" R&D Testing " 
Here are a few images of some recent testing
on some new blades we are developing
This gives you a birds eye view of what is happening under the water.
The middle right image shows you how clean the vortex becomes behind this shape which
reduces the amount of front face air and produces maximum power
The bottom right image shows you how the vortex in this shape starts of clean and then is disturb as
it travels though the stroke, thus produces air in the front face that results in a loss of power
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